Using JWT Authentication with RASA

I am using rasa open source (I am not using Rasa-x) I have made an angular chat widget which uses to connect with RASA server What I want is to add authentication using JWT to rasa so that we can enable different users to login with the server simultaneously and each one should have their separate session and data by one user should not be shared with another. How can I implement it in rasa as well as in frontend? I will prefer a step by step guide. Thanks

Hi Vaibhav,

You could create a custom version of the socketio channel that adds authentication.


Hey @stephens can you elaborate more on the steps,

like what all things need to be done for adding a authentication option in rasa chatbot

Since the original post, there is now some docs on this here and there’s a new Rasa chat widget.

Hello Thank you for your reply

Just to confirm is this a official widget or are there any other available?

And I saw the jwt authentication but I am not sure what all steps are needed after adding those 2 lines in my credentials.yml