Explanation needed on generation of JWT public key and jwt secret for socket.io channel

I need to understand how to generate jwt secret and jwt public and use them for authenticating socket io channel for webchat in my frontend. @nik202 please help out here!

@webdev-rohit why do you need that? can you share the rasa x version? and which webchat you planning for integration?

@nik202 This is my frontend code-

As you can see, it has a socketURL which is basically my Rasa X URL and everything is working fine for me since I’m able to view replies from my bot in my browser in the chat widget. But, now I want to authenticate the socket io connection and the Rasa docs say to use JWT auth method. I’ve actually figured out the way to get a JWT token. And as per Rasa docs they say to do this -

I don’t understand where exactly should I put this token, in my frontend code or where exactly so the authentication is successful.

Rasa X version - 1.0.1, Rasa OS - 2.8.15

@webdev-rohit did you delete the post? I can not see your post anymore.

They took down my post @nik202 treating it as spam. They said that it’ll come back soon. However, were you able to see my explanation and query?

@nik202 The query asked by the person in this post is same as what I want to know. My frontend code is this -

I just want to know how to pass the JWT token discussed in Rasa docs from the client side (frontend) to the Rasa server.

@webdev-rohit yes :slight_smile: but was seeing and suddenly gone, but anyways confirm with me few things.

  1. Do you have a website?
  2. Do you have SSL and DNS for Rasa X IP?

Hi @nik202 my posts are now visible. Could you please provide some hints/solutions for the same?

@webdev-rohit is this issue still active at your side?

Yes @nik202

@webdev-rohit give me sometime, let me come back to you may be tomorrow.

Sure Sir!

@webdev-rohit can you share your email id and lets talk?

webdevrohitvish@gmail.com @nik202

this issue solved Rohit?

No @nik202 , this requirement is on halt for me as of now. But, later I’ll come back to this.

@nik202 did you get this solved? if so could you explain, thank you

@meghna43 this was never my requirement. What is your current issues can you give some ideas or it’s same as Rohit? I will recommend check the rasa doc.

As this is depreciated issues now. Let me know still.