Job to build ML that helps people with decision making (initially, restaurant decisions)!

Hi! Oogway’s mission is to help people make better decisions faster. We’re focusing on helping people with the “what restaurant should I choose?” decision first, but we plan to utilize the rapid pace of AI advancement to expand to all decisions over time (starting with decisions that are most similar to restaurant decisions, after we nail the restaurant decision problem). I’m experienced in the machine learning (ML) necessary to do this, but we’d love to have an ML person join to help speed up the pace of development. Ideally, you’d work on Rasa stuff and potentially other ML stuff that we’re hooking into Rasa (this is a startup, after all :wink: ).

You can find out more about Oogway at or a bit more about me on my slightly outdated website. You can even try out our very early stage alpha on our website; this is what you’d be helping to dramatically improve :slight_smile:

We’d like to start with a 1 month part-time contract and go from there, potentially becoming a full employee in the future. If you’re interested or just want to know more, please email me at !