Is there any alternative for Socketio with rasa core channel?

i want to use another Input channel with the Agent.handle_channels() instead of socketio input channel as there is a timeout problems with socket IO

Hello @MohamedAbdelnasser,

First off welcome to the community!!

Can you elaborate a bit more on the ask here, are you asking how to do this or what specifically do you need help with?


Hello @btotharye I have made a small chat bot that making some logic with Microsoft APIs and i am facing a problem , that the rasa socket io restarts randomly after certain queries , i check that the request that didn’t time out but the web chat widget restarts randomly and create a new session id then the chat bot kindly loss the conversation and starts from the beginning.

i would like to use something else like socket IO but i am asking if is it possible to replace rasa core socket io and what is the options and how to do this ?

Hello @MohamedAbdelnasser,

I personally have not tried doing what you are doing but I did write a as a channel into Rasa a while back and its a connector just like facebook or anything else. So I would imagine you could setup your own process just like this using whatever platform you want besides the socket IO channel.

As you can see from the docs for it, Mattermost works pretty much the same as any other connector just update the details in the credentials file and it works so I guess you could do something similar.

I can try to test some of the socketIO stuff more but I haven’t seen this issue myself yet obviously.