SocketIO Can't be Listened at Rasa Core !URGENT!

Hello, I configured my file with these codes. It works, When I emit with javascript, it returns 200 OK with POST. But I can’t get data. Do you think I can’t handle messages without Webchat? Do I have to make Django configuration to make it run correctly? I just want to setup an endpoint to give my teammates, they will listen my channel if an request submitted.

Code here;

from rasa_core.agent import Agent
from rasa_core.channels.socketio import SocketIOInput
from pather import Path
interpreter = RasaNLUInterpreter(Path.TRADE_NLU_FILE.value)
agent = Agent.load(Path.DIALOGUE.value, interpreter=interpreter)
    input_channel = SocketIOInput(
    	# event name for messages sent from the user
    	# event name for messages sent from the bot
    	# namespace to use for the messages
    	namespace = None
    s = agent.handle_channels([input_channel], 5004, serve_forever=True)


socket.emit(“user_uttered”,SOME DIV)

Thanks for reply, this is my school project, I have to finish my configuration till Sunday.