Is there an easy way to find known errors

Is there an easy way to find known errors by:

  1. Rasa product, I.e. rasa os, rasa X, rasa sdk
  2. Underlying platform, f.e. Linux, openschuift
  3. Version, f.e. 3.1.0

It would help to avoid spending time in searching in the forum and in the rasa docs. It also helps, to find approved work arounds.

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There are many sites that do this. You just have to look it up.

A known error is a software bug that has not been fixed, but has a known root cause and either has little disruptive impact on the end user or a known work around . Tested systems are often described as “free from known errors” in recognition that complex systems cannot be proven to be error free.

Issues are tracked in github for each of the products: