A Guide on Rasa errors and how to fix them

Hey everyone, I’ve started to compile a list of errors that I’ve hit and tips to fix them in your code. All of these errors are user inflicted (ie - my code) and I’m sure you’ve seen them come through and had to grock what happened, and sometimes it takes a while only to find out you indented something incorrectly or misspelled something wrong.

I posted an article here with the list - Debugging Rasa Errors - DEV

Hopefully it’ll help someone struggling.

I also took that list and created a repo here GitHub - jwheat/rasa-errors: A comprehensive list of errors (and/or hints to fix them) I've encountered over the last few months

I’m open for additions / updates and corrections so feel free to issue a pull request with something new and we’ll grow this into a great resource and help a lot of people, new and old.