Ask for new feature: More info on functional errors

Rasa X 0.26 rasa 1.8

When I make mistakes in the trainingdata, Rasa X most-times notify me. Nevertheless, it would help me, if Rasa X would give me more information on the error. For example, when I make a mistake in the json part of an intents entity, its not reported in Rasa x. Maybe you can annotate the mistake, f.e. with a color. Little bit like in domain, where a red point denotes an error.

Note: I can see it in Openshift console POD log. But in my organisation our policy is to reserve open shift console for Operatins guys, not for developers.

Hi Herman,

Yes, there is an open issue #4231 regarding this which you can track.


Greg, I read the issue. If I ubderstand well, it is about errors during training. Of course those are also valuable. And I really like the toast options abhilasharoy is showing.

But I want to get notified even before: when in editing mode. Like it is implemented in domian editing: image

Maybe even more sophisticated by also giving a hint (but I’d also been satisfied if onlythe marker would apeare)