Is there a way to send intent with Rasa Core response message. Like dialogflow


Is it possible to return back nlu intent with the rasa core response. For example . Here is the post to rasa core:

{“message”:“ok bye”,“sender”:“123456789”}

The response from rasa :

[ { “recipient_id”: “123456789”, “text”: “Talk to you later.” } ]

I would like to include nlu intent also with the response , so the response look like :

[ { “recipient_id”: “123456789”, “text”: “Talk to you later.”, “intent”: “bye”, } ]

Hey @stacybot123. Apologies for the late response. You can get the info about the most recent user message form tracker and the use dispatcher to send ot backe to the user. Here is a relevant section in the docs. Check it out: Actions

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