Get Intent from Rasa Core API

I’m using a middleware between the users channels and rasa in order to handle certain operations with external services. I am using the rasa core api endpoint /webhooks/rest/webhook to send the user’s messages to rasa. My issue is with the rasa core api not returning the intent of the message but just the response. Is it possible to get the intent of a message from rasa core api or do I have to create a custom action for that?

You can try the predict endpoint - /conversations/{sender_id}/predict

this one gives the intent information but then you execute the action at your side

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I have the same challenge. Along with the message I need rasa core api to return also the intent.

The suggested solution seems like a hacky workaround. Not even sure how to get the {sender_id}, which I think is actually {conversation_id}, right?

Anyone knows a better solution?

is there any way where the api can update or modify the intent upon the call of API

senderId is the ID you send normally to Rasa from your end, this ID is then used to store information in the tracker

are you looking to send training data to train a new model. not sure what you mean by modify intent?