Help me with the Rasa-to-Slack connection

I am working with Rasa for the first time. I am a developer, though not skilled in Python. I want to hook up Slack to Rasa as a “handoff to live-chat” option, which is the opposite of many of the articles out there about “rasa connect to Slack”.

I want to have a chatbot that has a Web UI, and an SMS UI, but can hand off to a live-chat operator, who will be in a channel in Slack.

If anyone here has time for a 2h - 7h pair-programming session, I am trying to get a POC up for my client by the end of the week. I would greatly appreciate it, and be glad to pay for the consulting.

There are a number of threads in this forum relating to this topic, but no solid solutions have emerged. I would love to contribute back and do a write-up for the others as well.

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