Is it possible to implement Random access navigation in rasa?

Hi, I would like to know whether rasa supports Random access navigation?. if I am asking question sequentially it works fine, if I ask the same question again it doesn’t work, for that I need to have another set of story.

More details refer: Step by Step guide to make a dumb bot smart | by Kumar Shridhar | Medium

Is there any workaround for this?

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could you please elaborate what you want to achieve

Looking to build Random access navigation bot instead of building sequence bot. So that bot can answer to user queries instead regardless intent order in stories. Please do refer medium article link

forms will skip the question if corresponding slot is filled. Otherwise you can create a custom policy, that would predict next action the way you want.

thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t have any slots to fill.

then you need to write custom policy

Any good article on custom policy implementation?

Looking here: There are a dozen ways to order a coffee. Why do dumb bots only allow one?, it really seems like it is easy to implement in rasa with forms by introducing required information in terms of slots