Is it possible to create multiple agents like Google Dialogflow in Rasa

I am working on a project where we need to create multiple agents. So we can have separate agent training, settings etc.

I saw in Google Dialogflow we can have multiple agents and can train/ configure these separately.

How this could be achieved in Rasa?

Hi Abdul! You can definitely do this by having separate assistants. (You can train as many assistants as you want but if you use our default helm chart you’ll need a seperate Rasa server for each.)

If you want to pass users between assistants over the course of their conversation, we have an example of bot-to-bot handoff in the helpdesk starter kit: GitHub - RasaHQ/helpdesk-assistant

Hi, I have one question regarding the bot-to-bot handoffs. How does training and testing work now?

The training data usually has dialogues accross these bots.


You’d need to run your Rasa tests (like the ones you do with rasa test in the command line) within each bot separately, but I would probably also recommend building some integration tests to make sure the hand offs go well. (You can test that the handoff action is triggered within a specific assistant using a relevant story & rasa test, though.)) What the integration tests look like will depend on your specific implementation.