Is it possible to convert to stories.json


Is it possible to convert to stories.json and vice versa??

I am just trying to persist all needed components of rasa stack like nlu,stories,domain to a database. So my question

Is it possible ?

Does the converstion from .md to .json and back and forth corrupts the files for training ?

Up topic I have same question

Hi @Anand_Menon, I don’t see any problem converting markdown files into JSON format. You can find a lot of libraries to do that.My question is why do you need to make a database persistence like this? Why don’t you user a version control software like git (Git - Wikipedia) ? Or just tar/zip all markdown(+yaml) files with a bash script?

@Anand_Menon Yes you can convert from to stories.json & also vice versa

  1. to stories.json (Markdown to JSON)

    rasa data convert nlu --data ./data/ --out ./data/data.json --format json

  2. stories.json to (JSON to Markdown)

    rasa data convert nlu --data ./data/data.json --out ./data/ --format md

Hope, it helps!

Dear my friend as a title I need to convert to stories.json not Of couse is convertable but is another question