Is it a problem, if i have more nlu examples

Dear Team,

Could you please clarify on this. Bit enthusiast to know. Thanks

2021-10-01 11:23:37 INFO     rasa.shared.nlu.training_data.training_data  - Number of intent examples: 
103998 (18 distinct intents)


Best Regards, Ravi

It means you have 18 intents totalling 103998 examples.

That’s about 6000 examples per intent on average! Be careful as this may cause overfitting, meaning your bot will respond with very high accuracy on training data but will get lost when a new data deviates a bit from it.

If you have an intent that looks like

- my name is [Chris](name)
- my name is [Ravi](name)
- my name is [Nik](name)

consider using synonyms and lookup tables.

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Thanks for the clarification @ChrisRahme

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