Number of Intents limit in Rasa NLU

How many intents can RASA NLU handle? Is there a limit or recommended number of intents for a good model. For example Microsoft LUIS has a limit of 500 intents per app.

I guess, there is no limitation for creating and handling Intents with Rasa NLU.

You can create as many Intents as you can for your desired NLU model.

@souvikg10 Can you please confirm this?

yes indeed, theoretically there are no limits but again think from a statistical perspective,

An average 10-20 example per intent which are quite distant in terms of cosine similarity can give you a nice representation of new examples coming in, however if you have over 1000 intents, keep in mind you will need to do proper evaluation and make sure there is less confusion.


I understand.Thank you.