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Im Talking to My Bot now ( getting started ). However when I in Interactive Mode I can’t choose other action because the chat dialog does not showing Next Action option. The Chat always defaulting to ‘action_listen’.

How can I get the Next Action option ?

Any help is much appreciated.

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@hiorie Hi, you can create the more intents, and stories with utterances or custom actions. You just follow some of the basic examples which is mention on rasa doc. Rasa Playground If you still have problem, do let us know.

Hi Nik,

Tq for the reply. Im referring to this vid in youtube

It seems from here the story is auto create by the Rasa X dialog. Do I need to have the custom action server to enable the action options ?

I’ve yet not have action server as currently my RASA X as what Helm Chart installation.

I will revisit the Rasa Playground.

Thank you


This is how we use in RASA open source check this link for more detail, how we use action Responses

1. Calling Responses as Actions


  - text: "Hey! How are you?"


- story: greet user
  - intent: greet
  - action: utter_greet

This is the action which showing in the video, it’s basic action using utterances.

2. Calling Responses from Custom Actions

from rasa_sdk.interfaces import Action

class ActionGreet(Action):
    def name(self):
        return 'action_greet'

    def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        return []


    - story: greet user
      - intent: greet
      - action: action_greet

for running the second scenario, to create a custom action you need to have action server running where you can use your own logic and process for building bot/user conversation.

I hope you got some clarity?

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Hi Nik,

Thank You very much. I’ve created a simple story, retrain and now I have the action options displayed.

Have a good day Nik.

@hiorie great, for more details please see my above suggestion. Good luck and have a nice day. If you satisfied with the solution please close this thread with the solution for other.