Interactive learning - Internal Server Error


I am getting started with RASA and I have trouble to run interactive learning from my terminal. I got the following error: requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 500 Server Error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR for url: http://localhost:5005/conversations/8d3654e12b664d7899e1945efbd865f4/messages when I run the command and when I sent a first message to the bot: python3 -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions&

python3 -m rasa_core.train
interactive -o models/dialogue
-d domain.yml -c policies.yml
-s data/
–nlu models/current/nlu
–endpoints endpoints.yml

My endpoints.yml file is:

action_endpoint: url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook” core_endpoint: url: ‘http://localhost:5005

I have not found anything on this forum or github that could help me finding the solution to my problem.

Any help would be appreciated.