Intents showing as None in "Flow" preview for stories and rules

I’ve been having this problem for a while. My intents keep showing as “None” in my story and rule flows (an example is shown below for one of my rules).

My versions are:

rasa: 2.3.1

rasa-sdk: 2.3.1


I’ve checked their compatibility. Everything is loaded in Rasa-X correctly. I am having this problem both when using Rasa-X on my local machine and when deployed on a server.

Hi, this is a known issue and we’re working on resolving it.

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Thanks! Can’t wait to see it resolved. My colleagues are not all super familiar with how Rasa works and it helps immensely to show the intent in the flow diagram.

Has this problem already been solved?

Rasa X 0.39.3 still shows the ‘nones’. Is rather confusing, gives little information.

Former version I used, i.e. 0.30.1, showed the intent names as I expected.

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Hi, may I ask how about the rasa visualize command? It is shows None for the intents as diagram below.


How do I solve this?