Free-Text or Random-Text or skip Intent classification in forms

Hello all…!! I have a form in which i have slots like password and subject which cant have an intent with fixed set of example, as they can be anything. How should I set the slots after taking any random user input without classifying Intent?

Please help me on this.

Hi @pranay_raj

If I understand you correctly you are searching for this.

def slot_mappings(self) -> Dict[Text, Union[Dict, List[Dict[Text, Any]]]]:
    return {

self.from_text(intent=intent_name) will use the next user utterance to fill the text slot slot_name regardless of user intent if intent_name is None else only if user intent is intent_name .

Check out the Rasa Formbot Action on GitHub or the Form Blog from Justina for further information.

@lindig Thank you so much for the prompt response.! Could you also help me out on how to initiate the conversation from the bot? I am using GitHub - JiteshGaikwad/Rasa_CustomUI-v_2.0: Custom UI for Rasa for bot UI. Thanks in Advance.

@pranay_raj I never used this UI, so I don´t know how the interface communicates with the bot. Do you already have a working bot? Can you do a rasa shell CLI for example?

@lindig Yes, I do have a working bot. You want me to send you screenshot of rasa shell??

I just saw that this UI is outdated. Did you switched to the new UI?

As far as I see you have to start the bot and the action server

rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors "*" --debug
rasa run actions

after that open the index.html from the repo and it should work.

@lindig You didnt get my query. I am asking about ,how could i get the bot to start the conversation first without users first message. I want to initiate the conversation from the bot’s end

@pranay_raj ah now I understand, sorry. I am not sure if this UI can do it. Some can like mentioned here.