Intent in button payload

Hi, i’m having problems trying to force intent using a button payload.

I have defined the intent “talk_to_human” and as fallback im uttering a msg and presenting a button to user with payload “/talk_to_human”.

In my stories its properly defined that on intent talk_to_human rasa must exec action “handover_to_inbox”.

Once the user clicks de button (facebook messenger) the messenger app says “There was a problem sending the message to your bot”. I’m running the bot in debug mode but no error, and honestly no clue exaclty what’s the error.

The problem its not with custom action “handover_to_inbox” because if i set it directly as fallback action it works fine.

Any hints?


Just in case someone else hits this problem: It was my fault, the facebook app was not subscribed to webhook “messaging_postbacks”

I am using BotUI along with Rasa webhooks. During default affirmation phase of two-stage fallback policy, I get the payload from Rasa server.
How to configure the button click in BotUI to send that intent directly to Rasa server?

I had the understanding that every message sent by the user goes through intent classification and then based on that intent, a story moves forward. On button click, I am getting the intent in the payload directly.

How to send that intent to Rasa server directly bypassing the intent classification phase? Also how to use webhooks API to send that intent to Rasa server?