Intent in button payload with gui

hello i want to send intent in button payload from web GUI. So, for this, do I have to write separate logic to send the payload or RASA automatically captures that intent from the payload. right now I am sending button’s title using javascript to HTTP server of rasa. help needed asap.

if you pass the payload like this /intent_name, the intent should be picked up automatically


But then the bot renders “/intent_name” as a response, can I specify also an alternative text?

@akelad could you help me with that, or clarify if it is not possible?

@D063520 this depends 100% on your web gui and how it renders buttons. rasa provides a title and a payload for each button so that ideally your output channel would use the title as alternative text, but it’s up to the UI how to interpret the information rasa gives it.

thank you!