Api responses

Hello there, I am testing this api, http://localhost:5005/model/parse in response, i am getting corrected intent bt in same api i am getting a not mattched response can u help me how can i get a response n intent by calling same api. response that i m getting…

“intent”: { “name”: “searchRestaurant”, “confidence”: 0.6864690426 }, “response_selector”: { “default”: { “response”: { “name”: “Sorry, I can’t deal with that request.”, “confidence”: 0.997258544 }, “ranking”: [ want to chnge the o/p of response_selector

Your probelm is not clear can you explain further.

how can i get a response using a http://localhost:5005/model/parse this api?? i want to get intent as well a bot uttered words also

bot uttered aka response from bot using this api