Integrate rasa x with github

Hi Team,

I am trying to integrate rasa x 0.32.0 with git hub integration. where as i followed bellow steps, please let me know if i am missing something.

  1. I have deployed rasa on Openshift , and enabled Password for the UI and able to train bot manually.
  2. Now to Automate the bot training (auto fetch the Nlu , stories, modules etc… ) i am trying to integrate rasa x from the Rasa portal. Before that i have installed rasa x 0.32.0 (same version)on my local windows machine and created project structure using rasa init command and added that to git repo. Then i have provided that git repo on rasa portal to integrate also copied the deploy key from rasa and added to the git repo settings .

Finally clicked on verify button and i get something went wrong message.

Can you guys help me if i am missing anything here to integrate with it?

Thanks in Advance Gauthami