Installed Transformers in conda virtual environment but still rasa train shows missingdependencyexception

I am getting MissingDependencyException: that transformers is not installed when using LanguageModelFeaturizer. But if i see the installed packages in my environment, transformer is installed already. These are my installation steps conda create -n my_env python==3.7.6 conda activate my_env conda install ujson conda install tensorflow pip3 install rasa[transformers]

No error during above installation. Normal rasa without any LanguageModelFeaturizer is working fine. But when i use above featurizer and rasa train showing the error but I installed the transformers and i could see in the list of packages Specs: rasa 2.2.8 rasa sdk 2.2.0 windows 10 using vscode editor

Similarly other rasa additional dependencies this is happening. Example when using ConveRTFeaturizer, it is showing tensorflow_text is missing even if tensorflow_text is installed in my environment.



I hope i will get solution to this issue .

Can you post your config.yml