Installation set up for an italian chatbot

Hi All, my machine is windows and my goal is to develop an Italian chatbot by using Rasa. I already read the tutorial, but I have some question :

  1. For my goal, Have I to install Rasa from the packages or I need to build it from source? In this latter case; Could you confirm or not if the below steps are right?

    $ curl -sSL | python $ git clone $ cd rasa $ poetry install --extras full $ pip install rasa[spacy] $ python -m spacy download it_core_news_sm $ python -m spacy link it_core_news_sm it Thanks.

hi @ralex ! Great that you’re getting started with Rasa.

There is no need for you to build from source (only if you want to modify the Rasa source code). So I would recommend to just pip install rasa

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OK, thanks. To initialize a new project for creating an italian assistant, Do I also need to install spacy as I wrote above?

yes, if you want to use italian word vectors you will have to install spaCy and the italian model. But the default config (created by rasa init) is language independent and should actually work quite well.