Creating a new project without rasa init/moodbot?

Hi, I am very new to rasa and I want to make a german chatbot. First I used the Getting Started and created the moodbot, which worked perfectly fine. It was great for testing how it should look and work. But now I don’t know how to make my own project without using an existing bot as base. I made a new virtual environment, updated pip and installed rasa. Is the development version of Rasa Open Source the best way to go? Is there a different one? Could you help me finding the next steps? I want to use a german spaCy language model and get the most of my first little chatbot. Thanks a lot!

If you want to use your custom spaCy model to detect entities then you may appreciate this guide.

I’m not super sure what you mean with ‘development version of Rasa’. I would not recommend installing Rasa from git and would instead suggest you installed via pip install rasa. That should be a perfectly fine starting point dependecy wise to get started with your first assistant.