Initialize state of conversation

Is there some kind of event that one could easily attach to in order to initialize a new conversation? I know that many chat platforms allow you to send an initial message on conversation start that could e.g. trigger a initialize action, but I was wondering if there’s a more generic way using rasa_core_sdk to e.g. initialize the conversation in the backend on creation?

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hey @smn-snkl i think so it depends on channel(chatbot platform) how to initialize the conversation😅

But there should be a better way because the Rasa Core always instantiates a tracker for every conversation. So somewhere core already knows about new conversation being started. I’d like to know whether I could plug my own code in there with a callback to my backend.

I don’t really want to really on the chat platform or user to trigger this initialize action.

@smn-snkl I have the exact same need. Were you able to find a way to do that?