Initial intent

Hi, I’m developing a bot that is intended to be used, the same bot, by all clients. I would like to know if it is possible for me to send an initial intent. Ex: 3000 it looks for information from a supplier and 1000 from another one

Yes, on page load you can send a payload from your app to the Rasa server.

Payloads are a way to force an intent. Instead of send("hello") you can directly force the intent with send("/greet").

Thank you, I will research about it

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Don’t hesitate to ask if you need further help :slight_smile:

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Good morning Chris, how are you? Sorry to bother you but do you have an example or tutorial? I searched but didn’t find

You developed the chat interface above, correct? So you must know better than anyone how it works.

At the start of the application, you have to send a message in the format /intent_name to trigger the intent.

I’ll try it here, I’ll send you a welcome message. I’ll change the number of each supplier and see if I can get that information