How to make bot reply first before user?

When interaction was started I want bot start conversation saying Hello, How can I help you?

It depends on what channel you are using. In case you are using rasa-webchat, you can set the initPayload to send an initial message (like "/get_started") to the bot.

See Reminders and External Events also.

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can you show me an example or sample code because where to use it I have no idea and thanks for fast reply.

Basically, it’s all very dependent on what Front-end/Framework you use to present your bot. @saurabh-m523 's answer is pretty specific to the concrete Web component he sent you.

But in a nutshell, all you have to do is let your framework/front-end send an initiating message to the rasa bot for each new session with the content “/intent_name”, where “intent_name” is the name of the intent that provokes the desired greeting message.

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I haven’t integrated the Rasa X chatbot. I’m just installed and started training it in linux. I want to use this for my html website. I have no idea but I want to learn this. Thanks for replying.

Well, I fear there’s no way of implement your greeting message before you actually have your website running and connected. Because the web front-end will have to send a hidden initiation message to the bot, in order for the bot to actually greet you. As far as I know, there is no way to configure this to work in the shell interface.

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