Inconsistency between RASA local and server version

Hello! I am reaching out seeking help regarding an inconsistency that I am facing. The issue is related to the disparity between the results obtained while running RASA X locally and on the server.

To provide an example, I have observed that the fallback scenario works much more often on the server as compared to the local setup. Despite having identical RASA and file versions on both, the inconsistency persists. Another example when the discrepancy arises is during form validation. The user is prompted to provide a yes or no answer. Locally both answers trigger a validation action for the related slot. On the server only the answer “yes” behaves in the intended way, the answer “no” triggers the fallback action instead.

I would be grateful if anyone has any insights or ideas that could help me resolve this issue. Your suggestions and guidance would be highly appreciated.

Can you duplicate the problem with test stories?