I want to upgrade rasa to 2.0.6 but failed

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement 2.0.6 (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for 2.0.6

Hi @faiza_conte,

Can you share the command you used to install?

Another option is to use pip install rasa —upgrade.

Is there a specific reason you are trying to install 2.0.6? The latest version is 2.1.0 which includes a number of major bug fixes. The above command should upgrade your install to the latest version (2.1.0).

okay thanks @kearnsw…i wanted to use “nlu fallback” but keeps middling in inside a form?..

@faiza_conte, I saw you already have a post for that topic where someone had answered. On the forum, you’ll want to keep each topic separate so that it’s easier for others with the same problem to locate the answer through search. If you tag me there with additional details, I may have time to take a look.

@kearnsw nobody had answerd me please answer me if u have a solution for that i will tag you