I want to know Noticeable Advantages of Rasa Stack

Hi Champs,

I would like to know some noticeable advantages/benefits of using RASA stack in your humble opinion.How it differs from using Dialogflow,IBM Watson,ALEXA,Google Assistance or Wit.api.

I know it is somewhat of generic question,however I was just curious to know about advantages of using RASA over these.I would like to know the technical and non technical advantages(api calls per second cost etc).

Thanks and Regards, Vivek

Rasa is open source- meaning you can deploy it anywhere you want and use it in any way you want

However this also means you would not get many features out of the box and you have to learn the stack by digging in resources, docs and code. Luckily the community is quite lively compared to dozen other communities I am part of. Depends on who you are, this might sound appealing or horrifying

Nevertheless rasa also provides an enterprise version which brings a platform to ease your development and deployment of chatbot in any server you would like. You can contact them from the website

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The main advantage that I feel is that you can host your rasa bot on premises with NLU.


Thanks Souvik for the insight.

Ok…that’s a big advantage I guess