I want to know how to create UI button in rasa x (version 1.5.1)

Hi folk’s I’m new to RASA framework, I would like to create 2 UI button that should redirect to different types of conversation triggers.

Thanks in advance.

You create buttons through templates which are described in the docs here.

The button’s payload can specify the intent that will be invoked when the user presses the button. On the page linked above, there is this example showing three buttons that invoke the inform intent with different slot values.

  - text: "Which game would you like to play?"
    - title: "Chess"
      payload: '/inform{"game": "chess"}'
    - title: "Checkers"
      payload: '/inform{"game": "checkers"}'
    - title: "Fortnite"
      payload: '/inform{"game": "fortnite"}'
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I would like to know what this means @stephens. can i know what is it ? and how can we use it?

Good question, this specifies that the entity game should be assigned the value chess.

So, /inform{"game": "chess"}, tells Rasa to invoke the inform intent and set the value of the entity/slot named game to chess.

Let me ask the above code makes sense so? I see it as an automated tool