I want to create nested menus using rasa 3.0 without using buttons

Hi, I’m new to Rasa and I’m stuck trying to build a chatbot with nested user options and not with buttons as below. If you have any idea how I can go about this I’ll be glad to read your responses.

How can I achieve such a conversation?

@fkebenei Hello and welcome to the forum!

Can you confirm with me, the above-shared screenshot you have built and running the bot on Whatapp ( Twilio)?

Please tag me @ nik202 for a faster reply.

No no, I’m using that as a reference point of what I want to build.

@fkebenei then what do you want to archive? and what is your front end?

@nik202 I figured out how to solve the problem. I just listed the options in the response and it is working fairly good.

@fkebenei please if you can share the code for others?

Hi! May I ask you how did you solve this? What do you mean with “I just listed the options in the response”?

I’ve been trying to solve this for months.