How to give user options to select without buttons

I have intergrate the rasa with whatsapp but in whatspp you cant use button as response. so i want to give the options to user to select.let take an example. Pls. select your options

  1. Register a new Complaint
  2. Know the status of complaint
  3. Complaint pending for more than 72 Hours, Escalate your call
  4. Get Complaint Satisfaction code again
  5. Connect to customer care Agent let me know how to implement, any help will be greatly appriciated.

@kuldeep Right, this generic WhatsApp issue.

But, you can mention the intent for the same, and even you need to change the selection option language, you need to ask "Please type 1,2,3,4 and 5 to select the menu) or I guess WhatsApp allow this format also to select by default (I’m not sure), for your reference I am sharing you one code example and it also have related files at the end, I hope this will help you :

PS: Just customise as per your menu, by replacing with one two and three and extend your menu.

Good Luck!

thanks for the help.

i have try this but payload also visible in the whatsapp chat window

@kuldeep as you know, we can not change the whatsapp process :stuck_out_tongue: oops now Meta (Parent) :wink:

@kuldeep why dnt you use rasabotfront for your frontend? Do you know about that?

no i dont know about rasabotfront.can you tell me how i can use this.

will it help me to use that in whatsapp.

@kuldeep no its a separate individual integration, it will not migrate to WhatsApp, I am sorry. @kuldeep Or if you need to use WhatsApp, then I’m sorry there is no such solution for your use case, you need to go by WhatsApp GUI only.

Thanks for the help. currently i have to do integration with whatsapp.

@kuldeep sure, no worries. I withdraw my post regarding integration using bot front, so that there is no confusion to the other readers. Good Luck!