HTTPS configuration in values.yaml for nginx ingress

Can anyone let me know how to redirect from http to https through helm chart as dont see config file in values.yaml. Do guide me the traffic should go to https and in which setting it need to be changed

Hi, you can find a template for nginx ingress here

There are other templates here, if the above is not what you’re looking for

Thanks for in but where am I suppose to add http to https redirect in values.yaml. As it is only taking port: 8000 what about https what needs to be declared to redirect?

You’ll need to uncomment the values here, and fill them in accordingly.

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I have SSL certificate and there is no TLS so how should i use it using NLB

Hi, It’s not fully clear to me what you’re using here. Are you using ingress-nginx as an ingress controller?

If you want to redirect HTTP to HTTPS and use ingress resources, you should use annotations/configuration depending on your ingress controller that is used.

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Hi…I am using nginx ingress

I am using nginx ingress which was provided in values.yaml and used the annotation and now it is not picking route53 which is using nlb