HTTP API - Template

Hi guys,

Why in domain.yaml the template information could have muiltiples text menssges, but in HTTP API - Add to templates collection you have just one option of text?


  • “text”: “string”,
  • “buttons”:[“string”],
  • “image”: “string”,
  • “elements”:[“string”],
  • “attachment”: “string”,
  • “template”: “string” }

On domain.yaml:

template: utter_goodbye: - text: “goodbye :cry:” # multiple templates - bot will randomly pick one of them - text: “bye bye :cry:

Hi @TuKSan, are you talking about the create new template? You should be able to create multiple templates separately, and then they will merge. So in this case you would create two calls both with “template”; “utter_goodbye”, in which one has text “goodbye” and one has text “bye bye”.