How to write custom function to display a message if no chat for 10 seconds?

I want to display a message “anything else I may assist you” if the chat is idle for 10 seconds and close the chat if there is no chat for 5mints. Can we do that with custom functions?

If possible please show me the code how to write and link the function to different files in rasa. Thank you.

Hey @skjainmiah, I don’t have the code for the above usecase but I would like to refer something which can help you from the Rasa docs:

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Thanks @JiteshGaikwad bhai. I want know your rasa versions

– Rasa Version

– Rasa SDK Version

– Rasa X Version

Because when I stalled rasa 1.9.3 and rasa sdk 1.9.0 and rasa x 0.27.1, system having errors and I posted of rasa forum as well link : Rasa x " Failed to install frontend dependencies. Check logs for details. " so please bro help me on this. Thank you.

hey @skjainmiah, below is my Rasa versions:


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DId you get any errors like the link I posted?

hey @skjainmiah, ya I too faced the same issue, I am posting the output of both windows and linux system.

Windows 10 and Ubunutu 18.0.4. Python version same on both the system: 3.7.5 and pip 20.0.1

Linux logs:


Windows logs:

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Bro did you solve it?

@skjainmiah, I am trying to solve it but I think so the issue might be in the version release, as I didn’t see those errors in the older versions.

I think so they might fix the issue in the newer version :slight_smile:

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Till then we need to work with rasa shell and we need to build stories on our own right? also there is another bug like webchat is not connecting bro.

rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug

can you please check once. Thank you.

@tyd can you look into the issue as I see many people on the forum are facing the same issues. :slight_smile:


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@tyd the latest version of rasa

Rasa 1.9.3

Rasa SDK 1.9.0

Rasa X 0.27.1

having lot of errors like front-end dependencies loading error where rasa x is not loading and webchat is not working. Please fix the issues as early as possible. Thank you.

@skjainmiah what’s the error can you share the screenshot of the error?

@skjainmiah can you open another issue on the forum as this issue you mentioned was related to Rasa x so better you raise an new issue on the forum :blush:

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Hi @skjainmiah @JiteshGaikwad. Sorry I missed this. For some reason it did not send me an email notification. I believe we have addressed most of the issues in patch releases. Can either of you confirm if that it is the case for your problems by seeing if they are gone if you use rasa 1.9.3 or rasa 1.9.4 and rasa x 0.27.2?


Thanks @tyd Its working fine and no issues with latest version of Rasa X 0.27.2 along with Rasa 1.9.3 . I’m also getting error with webchat integration even after updating to Rasa X 0.27.2, as earlier versions are working fine but this webchat integration isn’t working fine. " rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug " not connecting to webchat


Hey @tyd thanks for responding :blush:

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@skjainmiah Have you created bug report on the Rasa GitHub repo?

@tyd I’m new and I’m hearing this bug report for first time.