How to view post json response from rasa core v-0.11.2


I am new to the new release and i am following docs and i came on to the below link -

But i want to know how can i view this response what endpoint do i have to pass to get this response as /parse is removed i am not able to find a way to view that!

@akelad ??

Any updates on this ??

not yet

@akelad ?

My understanding is that you don’t call an endpoint, instead when rasa_core get’s a message from its channel, it calls the new action server with that payload.

@benjamin-work then how can i use my bot on a custom web widget or any other platform which is right now not supported using rasa connector like skype?


Repeatedly tagging me in posts is not going to get a faster response, please avoid doing this. The bot framework connector should work with Skype too, so you should be able to run everything as normal


how can i get the response mentioned here -

I don’t think you need the response there, because that’s something Core will send to your action server, your action server only needs to return the appropriate response. So if you’re actions are written in python you can easily start the action server with the python script, otherwise you need to make sure your action server returns the correct response