How to stop the model from jumping between stories? And can I set a flag of story so that if this story starts rasa will not jump to others until finishing this story

I have similar user intentions in two stories and sometimes rasa classifies the intention wrong and jumps to the other story.

In the

## intent: zoo_path_select
- I like [monkey](animal).
- I like [monkeys](animal:monkey).
- I like [cat](animal).
- I like [cats](animal:cat).
## intent: see_object
- I see [monkeys]{animal:monkey}.
- I see [tigers]{animal:tiger}.
- [monkeys]{animal:monkey}.
- [tigers]{animal:tiger}.

In the

## forest intro path
* monkey_begin
  - utter_what_see_ques
* see_object{"animal": "monkey"}
  - utter_count_object_ques
* object_count
  - utter_count_praise

The see_object and zoo_path_select are similar and in the forest intro path, it sometimes classifies the intention incorrectly as zoo_path_select and jumps out of the story.

Hi @subercui!

It jumps out of the stories because of data augmentation. If you want your bot to follow your stories strictly, you can set --augmentation 0. Alternatively, you can use the memoization policy only.

You should also work on improving your NLU model.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: