How to start a form after a previous form is filled

I wish to start a form after the successful filling of a previous form. how to achieve this?

Seems you can merge them to one?

I have been using three forms. One for booking, one for complaint registration and one for user details. While starting, the user will have a choice to choose between booking and complaint registration. So I am using the same user details form for both of the choices but the form must only be triggered after the previous form is filled.

That’s ok. You could add rules when previous form submit, then next form trigger action will go on.

  - rule: submit booking form
      - active_loop: booking_form
      - action: booking_form
      - active_loop: null
      - slot_was_set:
          - requested_slot: null
      - action: action_submit_booking_form
      - action: ask_detail

  - rule: active detail from
      - intent: ask_detail
      - action: detail_form
      - active_loop: detail_form

complaint registration will be the same. You could try and hope to help you.

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I will check and let you know…thank you!

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