How to start a form with custom actions

Hello, Is there a way to start a form with custom actions?

In your custom action return the form as followup action: return [FollowupAction("your_form")]

Great, Thank you very much for the help

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And , Is there a way to write two responses in one action

Can you give an example of the conversation you have in mind?

Sure , if the person says he/she wants to book a hotel the bot should ask the user to input the number of and how many people are going to stay , for both of these responses slots should be filled , for that purpose Im using forms , but this shouldn’t be written in the stories cuz it will interfere with other options

The form does ask for both of these required slots by itself. You just need to add the questions you want to ask the user to your response section in the domain file with the naming convention utter_ask_your_slot_name.

You could watch this tutorial for more info.

sure , Thank you so much

is there any other solutions for this query

I tried the method you mentioned but , I want to activate forms as the main action