How to run rasa using local ip adderess so anyone can access who are in same network

I need to run below three commands in different cmd or terminal:

  • rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug

  • rasa run actions

  • python

  • and also html file on browser

I have also tried with ngrok but it shows message like this:

Hello from Rasa: 2.7.0

@darpant-289 What you doing exactly?

For 3 different terminal its easy:

  1. Activate Conda environment for all three different terminals, try use VS code its easy. If you unable to activate environment then Clts+Shift+P choose python interpreter and select your environment (only for VS code if you not ok?)
  2. Go to your project folder cd path project folder
  3. run all the 3 commands one by one, it show run

Note: If you are using flask as i.e port 5000 If I am correct then in html file (if you using rasa webchat do mention the URL path http://localhost:5005)

Good Luck!

Okay thanks

@darpant-289 Can I request please close previous threads.

yes sure but don’t know how close threads . and also I have changed the topics in that posts.

okay will send in mail

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