How to repeat same custom action in different stories

i write rasa custom action that show different behaviour every time when it run but when i set same custom action in different stories the rasa not work can you explain why it happen

Hello, It sounds like you have created a Rasa custom action that exhibits different behavior every time it runs. However, when you try to use the same custom action in different stories, Rasa does not work as expected. Here are some potential reasons why this could be happening: Randomness of the custom action: If your custom action has a random component to it, such as generating a random number or selecting a random response, then it may exhibit different behavior each time it runs. This can make it difficult to use the same action in different stories, since the behavior may not be consistent across different conversations.Interaction with other actions or events: If your custom action interacts with other actions or events in your conversation flow, then it may exhibit different behavior depending on the context in which it is used. For example, if the custom action relies on a certain slot or entity being set by a previous action, then it may not work correctly in a different story where the slot or entity has not been set. Configuration issues: It is also possible that there are configuration issues with your custom action or with your Rasa setup more generally. For example, if you have not properly registered your custom action with Rasa or if there are conflicts with other actions in your project, then this could cause unexpected behavior. To troubleshoot this issue, you may want to try the following: Simplify your custom action: If possible, simplify your custom action so that it does not have any random components or interactions with other actions or events. This can help you isolate the issue and determine whether the behavior is consistent across different stories. Check your configuration: Review your Rasa configuration to ensure that your custom action is properly registered and that there are no conflicts with other actions or events. Test with different stories: Try using your custom action in a variety of different stories to see if the behavior is consistent across different conversations. This can help you identify any patterns or issues that may be causing the problem. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.