How to not remember entities in history?

In one of my cases, I don’t want the tracker to remember any entities. For each new utterance, I want to only use newly extracted entities and slots. I remember somewhere I read it and there is a way to configure that, through domain or configuration file.

Is there an actual way to do that?

Hi, all:

Any experience or thoughts on this need? It’s going to be very useful if this request is fulfilled.

Hi @twittmin

are you referring to this post? I think it’s a smart solution if you work with forms. If you want to reset the tracker in a Form, you could use:

return []

Is that what you were looking for?


@JulianGerhard. That post is useful, and your suggested code will be useful too in some situations. For now, I just want to learn general strategies of how to clear slot values in some cases.