Can we make a bot response from a csv file in custom action?

i want to perform a custom action where the slot name is taken from the rasa and in the custom action reading or querying from the csv file to give a response…can anyone show me how to do that…

Hello @faiza_conte, i did that from a Google Sheet long ago. Please have a look at the video.

Its in mixed Hindi and English, view the whole playlist it will explain whole process in details.

Okay thanks I will see that

@athenasaurav…I see the vedio it looks like it is working online…but i want it offline with csv file…isn’t there another way?

Hello @faiza_conte, it would work the same way as a google sheet. Instead of importing the google sheet, all you need to do is import the csv file using pandas as a dataframe. Rest you can do as you do using pandas

@athenasaurav from the vedio it is collecting info and storing it in to google sheet but for me i want to fetch the data and display it to the user by taking the drug name from the user inorder to give the description…hope u get me

Hello @faiza_conte if you are aware of pandas Data frame, you can simply use simple commands to fetch the information also.

okay since am a begner i will try to learn it