How to let the bot initiate the conversation?

So I have chatbot deployed on a website using the REST channel.

I want to have the following things displayed by default when I open the chat window.

Bot: Hi how may I help you?

Bot: Get started by asking:

    (5-6 Buttons will be displayed)

The user will select anyone button & henceforth the conversation flow will continue.

For this task , what are the things to be done exactly , in html or use the custom actions?

Please help.

Thanks & Regards, Vaidehi Deshpande

This can be done on the frontend.

For instance, you can make buttons on the frontend display them to the user at the start of each session. When the user clicks on a button, the value associated with that button can be sent to the bot as the user message to initiate the conversation, to which the bot can reply accordingly.

how do I send the value associated with buttons to the bot ?

See how button name and value works here.

This is my Frontend code… where the button is Frequently Asked Questions.

Hi @vaidehi16 See if this thread helps your use-case.

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yeah , thanks!