How to keep the button enable all the time

How to keep the playload buttons active ?

Hi @Elssa could you elaborate on what you’re asking? If you could provide an example utterance for what you’re trying to do that would be helpful.


  • buttons:
    • payload: About title: About us
    • payload: Services title: Our services
    • payload: Tools title: Tools
    • payload: Cloud_services title: Cloud services
    • payload: Contact title: Contact Us

while interacting with the bot, when we choose one of the options ,after that these options become disable, is it possible to enable the options even after selecting it , so that if we want to change the selected option

Do you have an example story you can share with the desired behavior? A user should be able to use the “utter_greet” intent and make a new choice.

Also, is each button associated with a different intent?