How to invoke multiple forms per utterance


I would like to get your views on what would be the best approach to handle the below utterance.

I want to order cookies and coffee.

Both cookies and coffee requires additional information like size & quantity to be asked from user. Currently I am thinking below approaches.

  1. Creating 2 forms - one for cookies & one for coffee and invoking them one by one in the story.
  2. Feasibility of using 1 single form but invoking multiple times depending upon how many items are there in the utterance.

Would like to hear your suggestions on which one to use or Is there a different way to handle this.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Raja!

Thank you for your question!

Maybe in your case it is helpful to implement the concept of dynamic forms mentioned in the docs here. With dynamic form behaviour, you can ask for further details (size and quantity) based on how a previous slot was filled (cookie).

So, in this case you would use 1 form and if a slot is filled with cookie then you would ask for slots size and quantity to be filled too. Then the same if slot coffee is filled.

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Hi @tiny_imod

Thank you for the suggestion. Let me try this way.